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Pets to Bring into Belarus

Shipping domestic family pets is the owner’s responsibility. Anyone bringing pets to post should begin planning well in advance. Travellers should check any applicable restrictions with the airlines and with all landing/connecting points. Careful thought should be given to various shipping alternatives, considering the complexity of the trip and the size of the animal. You are advised to check current entry requirements for pets coming into Belarus as they may be subject to change. A trusted veterinary can provide travel recommendations for the safety and health of your pet.

There is no quarantine requirement for pets coming into Belarus. Rabies vaccinations must have been given at least 14 days, but less than 30 days prior to arrival in country. If the rabies vaccination is a booster vaccine, then it can be given within the 14-day window. A valid Rabies Certificate is required, as is an international health certificate obtained within 10 days of the pet’s arrival in Belarus. A small registration fee, payable in Belarusian rubles, is due upon entry.

Veterinary care is available in Minsk; more progressive services are available in Vilnius, Lithuania. Chronic medical conditions should be considered. If pets are on prescription medications, it is advised that an adequate supply of these medications be brought to post.

The availability of pet food and supplies is improving, but still limited and costly. Choices are limited to Pedigree, Whiskers, and a few other grocery store type brands. There is a slightly better selection at lower cost in Lithuania. Pet owners are advised to ship pet foods, pet care products, toys, treats, cat litter, etc. as part of their consumables. It is also a good idea to bring pet food, treats and toys in your luggage as well as sending a box ahead of your arrival for use while waiting for your shipment.

Western-style boarding kennels are not available. Dogwalkers and dogsitters are easy to find. Most apartment dwellers are able to manage with pets quite well. The park system in Minsk is extensive and pet friendly. Leash and muzzle laws are in effect for large dogs in crowded areas.





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