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Food & Dining in Belarus


Belarusian cuisine is hearty, but it's not exactly gourmet. The people like meat and potatoes, and their food can seem heavy. The quality of Western European cuisine is not amazing. The average level of cafes and restaurants is low but there are several good places in the center of the city. The price of a meal at these places should cost between 20,000BYR and 40,000BYR.

Don’t expect a menu in English in most Belarusian restaurants, especially outside Minsk. Good restaurants are popular, so it is advisable to book ahead.

Many Belarus restaurants offer cabaret performances or live music as part of the evening’s enjoyment.

Be aware that pretty much all restaurants list garnishes (such as chips, vegetables, rice, little blobs of butter to go on your bread and so on) as separate items, and the cost of these can quickly add up.


Eating out in Minsk is not as bad as it once was. Generally the newer restaurants are the ones to go for, as they understand that a combination of a fun atmosphere, good food and friendly service is the ticket to success in the tucker industry. Shabby old dumps, however, still persist in offering mediocre food and surly service among what are rapidly becoming novelty Soviet surroundings.

For Northern Indian cuisine, head to Taj (Ulitsa Brilevskaja 2). There should be an English menu available also. Chomolungme, on Ulitsa Gikalo 17, has a huge menu with an array of cuisines: Nepalese, Tibetan, Sushi & Indian. Vegetarians and Vegans should also be able to find something here.

Gourman, close to Grand Opera Theater serves Belarusian and European cuisine. Excellent quality and affordable prices. Pechki-Lavochki, on Main Avenue, is a great Belarusian restaurant.

For the adventurous, do try kvass, a kind of non-alcoholic bread beer sold from large yellow tankards in the street; make sure the vendor uses an unused plastic glass.





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