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Belarus Immigration Information Entry Visa


Passport valid for six months after departure required by all, except for nationals of Mongolia, Montenegro and Serbia with a National Identity Card.


Visa is required by all except the following:

• nationals of the CIS (except nationals of Turkmenistan, who do require visas);

• nationals of Cuba, Malaysia, Montenegro and Serbia, provided travelling for tourist purposes for up to 30 days;

• nationals of Bosnia & Herzegovina and Macedonia (Former Yugoslav Republic of), provided travelling for business purposes and holding an invitation letter;

• nationals of Mongolia, provided holding proof of tourist (return tickets), business or social (invitation to visit from Belize resident) visit;

• transit passengers continuing their journey to a third country provided holding valid onward or return documentation and not leaving the airport.

Note: All foreign nationals must hold medical insurance and register their passports at the local police station within three days of their arrival. If staying at a hotel, reception will do this automatically.

Types of Visa and Cost

Visitor and Business

$69 (single-entry); $124 (double-entry); $179 (triple-entry); $344 (multiple-entry).


$33 (individual); $17 per person (group).


$26 (single-entry); $46 (double-entry); $67 (triple entry); $86 (multiple-entry); $17 per person (group).

Express visas are available for a higher fee.

Notes: Tourist visas are only available to those booking through a travel agency in Belarus or from a travel agency in another country which has an agreement with Belarus state travel and can supply state travel vouchers. Children travelling on their parents’ passports do not need a visa but must be accounted for on parents’ visa application form.

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