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Driving in Belarus (Domestic Help)

In Belarus traffic drives on the right. Radar traps and road construction sites, often unlit at night, are widespread. Except for a stretch of the main east-west highway, where the speed limit is 100 km/h (60 mph), the maximum speed limit on divided highways or main roads outside village, town or city limits is 90 km/h (55 mph). Speed limits in cities are 60 km/h unless marked and will usually range between 40 km/h and 70 km/h, with frequent radar traps. Visible and hidden dangers exist, including potholes, unlit or poorly lit streets, inattentive and dark-clothed pedestrians walking on unlit roads, drivers and pedestrians under the influence of alcohol, and disregard for traffic rules. Driving in winter is especially dangerous because of ice and snow. Driving with caution is urged at all times. The alcohol limit for drivers is zero (including beer). Most traffic signs are in Cyrillic script only (not Latin).

Traffic safety in the country is controlled by the traffic police called GAI (abbr. in Russian) and DAI (in Belarusian). The uniform of Belarusian road police officers has yellow fluorescent stripes. You need to pull over when a road police officer waves a striped wand or shows you a red retro-reflector. If you are pulled over by the traffic police, you will be expected to show your driving and insurance documents.

Traffic is much lighter in Belarus than in most other countries in Europe.

You can drive in Belarus if you have an International Driving Permit, together with your driver's licence. If residing in Belarus for more than 90 days, one should apply for a Belarusian driver’s licence. Drivers will be required to successfully complete a two-part test in Russian; the first part is a computer-based multiple-choice test on local driving rules, and the second part is a driving test. To receive a local driver’s licence, drivers will also need to complete a medical exam at a special medical clinic, which will include a general physical, a chest x-ray, and an eye exam.





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